O que um sistema de gestão de estoque precisa ter? O que um sistema de gestão de estoque precisa ter?

What does an inventory management system need to have?

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A good inventory control, undoubtedly, fits as one of the main management tools of your business. If your company’s stock does not have the necessary focus to be well planned and to achieve maximum efficiency, you run a serious risk of sooner or later end up facing a certain situation in which you will not find available products to supply sales and customers. And because of this importance, we can easily find a range of systems which aim to help the entrepreneur in the simplest and most agile way possible. So, check out some essential tips to make the best choice of your inventory management system below.


Personalized program

Pay attention to programs which contain the highest level of functionality, that is adaptable to your branch and style of business, as long as it may seem to be, or it is personalized to your needs and specifications.


Goods receipt/goods issue

All records of inventory goods receipts and goods issues must be recorded in the system, to make sure that it is able to provide complete data from all the journeys within your distribution centre in the future.

Look for a kind of software that can have mechanisms for inventory goods receipts and goods issues with storage capacity of dates, time, quantities, weights, validities, technical observations, and other specifications of such product, opening a range of ideal monitoring utilities of all your inventory. 


Balance sheets and records

There is a great need for the chosen program to provide a means of recording various statistical reports on all its database from the inventory sectors, as well as providing tools to close balance sheets on a monthly, weekly or daily basis, and greater control over the stores whose goods have been shipped to.


Bar Codes

The generation of bar codes in their inventory tagging can be a great differential in the schematic of storage and company operation. Mainly in situations where there is a wide variety of brands and characteristics among inputs, the generation of barcode labels will provide identification convenience, replenishment agility and even marketing differentials.


Online System

Nowadays, we live in a world that is more and more connected to each other, and on that basis, it is very interesting to have logistical information loading that can be easily reached through tablets, cell phones and other computers that are not necessarily connected and properly installed in the premises of your store. It is something to think about, isn`t it?!


Advanced Media

Your inventory management system may not always be a marvel, and there may be times when you might spot errors and eventual defects. And to this end, having advanced periodic backup support for your better database preservation will make you and your employees more comfortable and secure. So, do you have any questions about the tips for choosing an ideal inventory management system? Is there anything you want to share with us? Leave your comment and subscribe to our newsletter to always stay up to date!


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