What can hinder the customer experience in logistics?

by | 07/10/2020

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The customer experience in logistics is usually a point of great influence on their satisfaction. The main reason is that it fulfills the expectation that the consumer formed in the purchase, when the details were defined, such as delivery time and freight price.

Any mistake or frustration will make the experience less satisfying for him, while any positive surprise can excite him, favoring a good relationship, generating favorable testimonials and future business.

In this post, we will better understand these effects and list the main measures to improve customer perception and satisfaction. Follow us!

What are the impacts of the customer experience on logistics?

As we advanced in the introduction, logistics is responsible for the continuity of the shopping experience, which makes it the means to reinforce or change customer perceptions regarding service. In the end, this is what matters for the experience: the customer’s vision of it and the impression he has of his brand from it.

To understand the dimension of this importance, just consider the aspects of logistics that influence this perception. See those below.

Damage to products

Even if you are quick to replace a product that has suffered damage, the customer will need to live with inconveniences, such as waiting a few more days to get what he ordered. That is, again, the experience is impaired.

Difficulty solving problems

However, in the event of a problem, it is essential that the customer find the means he needs to solve it, as a channel for quick contact and with minimal bureaucracy.

How can we improve the customer experience?

Considering the problems we listed above, you should have already deduced the importance of good practices in logistics processes for the experience. We are talking about operational efficiency, which is built with:

. Get to know customers: knowing their habits, behaviors and expectations is fundamental to influence perception in a positive way;

. Expand options: varying delivery options and contact channels allows more customers to choose according to their preferences;

. Use indicators: improving the experience is an activity based on data capable of measuring it, such as the satisfaction rate, and of pointing out the priorities for improvement, such as the waiting time for assistance at the SAC, and

. Invest in new technologies: automation and business intelligence are essential to improve efficiency and experience.

Finally, consider with special attention the need to structure the company technologically to improve the customer experience in logistics, as it depends essentially on efficiency, as it does not occur in any other sector. In addition, software aimed at the segment offers data that contributes to strategic analysis and ensures greater security, which is fundamental to preserve customer privacy.

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