VMI in the company: see how the solution optimizes the day to day of who is in the logistics

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The supply chain in companies has a role that could have greater recognition due to its great importance. Most of the public is unaware of its existence, unless some problem happens. If the purchasing, logistics or supply sectors fail, the complaint is almost immediate. They need to work against time, in an efficient and organized way; moreover, demands must flow smoothly, because the obstacles that may arise will mean a loss of time and money for the company. These situations force organizations to think about how to optimize their daily work for better results, and VMI emerges as the solution at this point of the talk. Would you like to know more about this method of control and its benefits? Then follow our post.


What is VMI?

With Vendor Managed Inventory, the manager can control the processes of obtaining and delivering a particular good or service. A good point in this situation is that such control is done with utmost security. In order for the VMI to happen efficiently, it is necessary for the manager to have autonomy over the procedures and prior knowledge about the practices that he will have contact with. Experience counts a lot at this moment.

Yet, the autonomy, as mentioned above, is as important as the experience, since the stock manager will not be able to make the effective decisions at the right moment without it. This brings another important point: responsibility. He is the owner of the situation, therefore, all consequences, good or bad ones, will be in charge of the manager.


The best features of VMI

In the supply chain, quality and quantity go hand in hand. Having control of the quantity of the product in the stock guarantees the efficiency and favors the possibility of lower levels in the stock without the absence of merchandise. As it is known, very high levels in the stock generate increased operating costs and low resource flow, which are negative points for a company that needs to promote agility and efficiency in the process.

Another key issue is the system overview. The VMI guarantees to know the details of the stock, that is, the quantity of products, the fast delivery, the efficient service, besides the inventory as a whole, as well as if the objective has been reached without problems and with customer satisfaction.


Benefits of stock control made by VMI

One of the biggest problems of inventory management is mismatched information and processes. The VMI software will allow the logistics flow to run smoothly, since all the information needed for the jobs of the involved employees will be easily available through the system. All these procedures have a formidable advantage, since, besides the agility and control, minimizing the amount of risks and errors of the situation entails in the reduction of costs. These words, at any time of the year, sound very good. Now, in the time of recession being faced by the country, it will sound even better. After all, who does not want a company with guaranteed health, with the duties fulfilled in order to establish itself in the market and to consolidate a reputation built on a solid system? Customer satisfaction, which is the goal of the process, will know that you have the service and / or product guaranteed as well as its quality. Security and confidence will be in the vocabulary of those who have access to a company that assumes the VMI as a flag of the activities being carried out.

In this way, the memories that customers will have will be the best possible, linking them to the efficiency, quality and agility of your company. Do you have a better situation than this in a competitive, productive and error-free market? Leave your comment and tell us what you think of VMI, if you knew it, if you want to deploy this system in your company stock sector. Questions and suggestions are also welcome!


ORBIT Logistics is one of the world’s leading suppliers of inventory management solutions (VMI – Vendor Managed Inventory and SCM) and real-time data acquisition.Our company, founded in 2003, provides a modular system for supply chain management and automation, serving global customers from offices in Leverkusen (Germany), Atlanta (USA), Sao Paulo (Brazil) and Shanghai (China). A highly qualified team of more than 40 engineers and technicians offers customized turnkey solutions for
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