Understand the evolution of SAC 4.0 customer service

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With several companies selling the same products and all maintaining similar prices, what do you think makes one sell more than others? The answer may be exactly in SAC 4.0. Have you heard? Do you know how to make the customer experience incredible?

This is what we will address in this post, providing an overview from the first customer service channels. Do you want success in your business? Then stay with us!

Find out what SAC 4.0 is

Before we get to SAC 4.0, we need to take a trip back in time to explain how communication channels have evolved in the last few decades.

In the beginning, there was still no culture of valuing customers, a situation that is totally different nowadays due to the great competitiveness in the market and a higher level of demands from the buyers.

SAC 1.0

It was the first customer service implemented under the Consumer Protection Code. It was the moment when consumers had to call companies on the so-called 0800. It was created in the early 1990s.

SAC 2.0

After the telephone age, new technologies helped in the service process. This is the moment when companies expand channels, exploiting e-mails and internet resources.

However, the interaction was still flawed and there was little direct contact with the customer.

SAC 3.0

The interaction starts to be valued, mainly due to the arrival of social networks. At this stage, corporations invest in obtaining data on customers’ consumption habits.

The profile is drawn and the service begins to be personalized, aiming at loyalty.

SAC 4.0

Finally, we arrived at the era of SAC 4.0, a time when the consumer experience is the main focus. Thus, everything is designed to meet customer requirements, optimizing time through interactions that solve demands.

As e-commerce has expanded considerably, everything must be focused on meeting deadlines, creating marketing campaigns to attract and retain consumers, always with differentials tuned in SAC 4.0, as we will see now!

See the importance of changes in SAC 4.0

SAC 4.0 is a consequence of the previous ones, that is, it must be much broader and more functional. Among the advantages of this service, we can mention the proactive approach, anticipating the demands and offering a better experience throughout the process.

With more quality, interactions with consumers become more humane, making brands always remembered. After all, when a customer has a good experience, he will come back.

And if it is well attended to in a complaint, it will also enhance the company, without causing damage to the image, that is, we are talking about a fundamental investment, as it focuses on customer satisfaction.

Step by step in SAC 4.0

By effectively exploring the customer experience, your company will create engagement, increasing customer loyalty.

For that, nothing better than following some tips. The first is to invest in technology, train employees and marketing campaigns with a focus on their target audience. Here are some actions that can have a positive effect:

24-hour service

A SAC 4.0 is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Large companies can hire telephone or chat operators who are on call.

Chatbots are increasingly present, many with proper names according to the profile of customers and areas of activity.

In addition, FAQ’s and functional email boxes, with responses within 12 hours, help to improve the consumer experience.

Use of social media

Social media (including YouTube and Instagram) is the first place consumers are looking for news.

The new SAC takes advantage of these channels to engage its customers and create communities. Social networks can be more agile than the traditional Customer Service to resolve complaints.

Smart website

Forget about institutional websites that seem designed for the company rather than the customer.

The website of a business with SAC 4.0 must be very easy to navigate and present a clear menu. The user must access the information he needs with a few clicks.

Well done FAQs

Gather the most important and frequently asked questions from customers in a FAQ and make it very easy to find. This allows them to discover information about your products or services on their own.

Use of traditional channels

Sometimes everything can be resolved much easier and faster with a phone call.

SAC 4.0 is not exclusively digital: on the contrary, it offers a variety of different channels, allowing the customer to call and chat with someone, if they wish.

Check out how SAC 4.0 helps your company

When making an investment in SAC 4.0 that also includes internal adjustments in your company, such as installing an inventory management software, with an eye on meeting deadlines, there will certainly be customer satisfaction.

Thus, your business gains competitive advantage and outperforms the competition, becoming evident in the market.

This action brings excellent results in increasing sales and customer loyalty. Among the numerous advantages for your company, we can list three that are widely proven.

More precise process control

SAC’s 4.0 approach means that the different channels and services complement each other. It is easier to implement processes such as exchanges, returns, handling complaints and so on.

Thus, there is an increase in productivity, reducing costs and optimizing time, always making the customer experience the best possible.

Decreasing failures

The use of technologies means that there is less manual entry of data into the systems. Large volumes of information can be handled with fewer errors. In this way, there are savings and better strategies in decision-making.

Inventory control, for example, becomes more professional, avoiding losses due to expiration, deviations or ruptures (when there is no product that the customer wants).

The goods are easily located, assisting in all processes until arrival in the hands of the consumer.

Alignment with the market

SAC 4.0 delivers higher quality customer service. It will soon cease to be a competitive advantage and become an obligation.

Therefore, SAC 4.0 is here to stay. It is a proactive (rather than reactive) approach, which anticipates customers’ needs and works constantly to meet their demands.

If your company does not adopt it, your customers should migrate to competitors that offer service that is more accurate.

Therefore, choose quality partners in the installation of technologies which are attuned to SAC 4.0 and improve the experience of your customers.

In this sense, ORBIT Logistics can be a great ally, as it is one of the world’s leading suppliers of inventory management solutions (VMI – Vendor Managed Inventory and SCM – Supply Chain Management).

In addition, the company offers real-time data acquisition, making your company’s management in line with customers’ wishes.

Founded in 2003, ORBIT provides a modular system for supply chain management and automation, serving global customers from offices in Leverkusen (Germany), Atlanta (USA), São Paulo (Brazil) and Shanghai (China).

A highly qualified team composed of more than 40 engineers and technicians, offers customized “turn key” solutions for process management and monitoring.

By choosing inventory management services, profits will certainly increase, as will customer engagement, making your business take off on more daring flights.

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