Understand how logistics 4.0 works and get to know its benefits

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Logistics 4.0 seeks to make the most of technological resources to improve the relationship with people and the companies’ production process, ensuring a more intelligent and efficient production.

The technology makes it possible to monitor production steps more effectively and in an integrated manner. As a result, carriers, suppliers and customers can have more access to information on each stage of the manufacturing, sales and delivery processes.

In this text, we will understand what part of logistics 4.0 is and what the main benefits it brings are. Follow the reading!

What is part of logistics 4.0?

Conventional logistics models have outdated and disconnected inventory and distribution centers. The result of this is made up of the well-known problems of losses, production failures and waste, which affects the companies’ revenue.

Phase 4.0 brings elements that reduce these difficulties, bringing more agility and precision to the decisions made. Check out what part of this scenario is!

High connectivity

Connectivity is part of this new context, since the elements are connected. Access to information happens more quickly through machines, sensors and other tools present in the company.


The main objective is in the business strategy, always seeking to modernize and improve distribution management, waste reduction, time and cost reduction. For this to happen, the use of software capable of monitoring all stages of the processes and the activities of the enterprise is essential.

Internet of Things (IoT)

This new modality is based on a concept called Internet of Things (IoT). The term “thing” can represent the equipment and devices present in your home or company, which have access to the Internet and which use this tool to communicate with other devices or users.

When applied to logistics, this integration between technological resources allows access to customer orders to identify which stage of production they are in. It provides monitoring of stock levels in real time, facilitating replacement and transportation, among other features.

What are the main benefits of Logistics 4.0?

The use of technological resources brings numerous benefits to companies. Check out the main ones!

Reduction of losses and errors

The control that the technology offers allows reducing the number of losses in the stock, since the information is centralized in a single system. In addition, it also reduces errors and rework, problems that can hinder productivity, costs and results.

Cost reduction

Cost reduction occurs in several ways, such as reducing losses, optimizing transport and improving processes. This savings increases the business’s competitiveness and profit margin.

Response Agility

Access to the data takes place in real time and, through different solutions, can provide a more agile and precise monitoring and integration of processes.

Increased accuracy in decision making

With the support of intelligent technologies, it is possible to monitor all stages of the business, which provides more accurate and databased decision making.

Logistics 4.0 has come to transform the way companies work, leaving analogue processes aside and investing in new technologies. This investment contributes to the improvement of processes, the reduction of costs and other aspects, in addition to being a way of positioning itself in the market and remaining competitive.

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