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One of the factors that help to boost online sales is the convenience. To why, people who value the convenience love the idea of buying and receiving the products in the comfort of home. Precisely for this reason, delivery tracking is such an important issue for any e-commerce, as logistics is still a big challenge for retailers.

In this post, we will cover everything about delivery tracking: the concept, importance, key features and functionality, as well as the best tips for improving this aspect of your business and improving your customer relationship. Read on and check it out!

What is delivery tracking?

Delivery tracking and tracing systems are responsible for distributing and consolidating information about a particular delivery to make everyone involved aware of this process. In turn, this information is distributed through email, a website, or even SMS.

What is delivery tracking responsible for?

Once a user makes a purchase over the Internet, most of the time they receive a targeted link where they can track all movement related to their order and delivery. Through these systems you can track:

. when cargo was shipped to carriers;

. when the order is transferred between distribution centers; . when it comes to carrying out the delivery .

What is the importance?

Some of the differentials most valued by customers in this market are meeting deadlines and delivery time. This underscores the importance of assisting a system that enables the management and monitoring of the delivery process quickly and conveniently.

What are the main features and functionality?

This type of delivery tracking system allows users (seller and buyer) many features and features such as:

. complete control of deliveries;

. full view of the transport;

. driver monitoring (for companies);

. return control.

How can we improve delivery tracking?

Now that you know all aspects of delivery tracking, here are the top tips for using it for your customer relationship.

Define metrics

Performance indices can be used to track all stages of the order (from the time the person purchased to delivery of the goods to their destination), to evaluate the number of complaints, and to check the number of deliveries made within a certain period. In this case, obviously, you define which ones are the most important.

Use barcode labels

Bar code identification has many benefits for entrepreneurs in the virtual environment. Not only is it used to track goods but also helps to better control inventory. This allows everyone to stay informed and even minimizes the setbacks caused by human error.

Invest in monitoring technology

Automated ordering and delivery tracking solutions are best suited and indicated to perform this role as they are able to provide the timeliest information, allowing the manager to identify problems and take the right action.

If you can check delivery performance through data and graphs with relevant information, you can take a closer look at some of the more important details, such as the efficiency of the shippers.

In addition, delivery tracking makes it much easier to have control over order status, decrease the number of customer service complaints, and improve customer relationships.

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