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by | 27/05/2019

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The sales process is of great importance for any company, involving a series of procedures ranging from customer service to product distribution logistics. A failure in one of the steps can jeopardize the whole sale and even lead to loss of the buyer. Order automation is a mechanism that can facilitate this chain and make the work more efficient.

This tool consists of establishing an interface capable of processing all the orders received by the company, managing the company’s outflow, improving inventory control, reducing employee’s time in daily sales routines, and reducing the chances of errors involving the exchange and return of goods. That is, a system that makes the relationship between companies, employees, suppliers and customers efficient.

This is not to mention the contribution that the automation of orders has for the reduction of costs. After all, the processing of the goods requisitions is faster and increases the productivity of the business, besides reducing errors causing the company to have less expense in this sector. Such greater efficiency still ensures increased sales and customer satisfaction. In addition, to tell you even more about the benefits you can have with this automation, we listed in today’s post information that can be supportive of your internal practices. Follow us!

Automation of orders between companies

If internal control of requests is already a challenge for companies, imagine when the logistics system depends on integration with other companies. The larger the processes, the more complicated they become. However, technologies have been developed to facilitate this work and minimize errors, leading to increased productivity and reduced costs related to logistics.

The Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) is a system of integration between companies that establishes a mechanism for exchanging information and data electronically, that is, with less human intervention during the process. In this case, the chances of human error are minimized, as nothing is entered manually. At first, we can affirm that neither data is erroneously released nor information is typed in a wrong way.

Synonymous to company time gain

As the data is released faster by automating the system, in addition to generating resource savings, such as labor and paper, the company will have a longer term to work on aspects of greater relevance. Business agility is also caused by the transmission of routine information, such as invoices, shipping and receiving notifications, and, of course, the dispatch of orders.

This agility in data exchange brings benefits not only to the companies involved in the process, but also to customers, who have a higher level of information in relation to their requests. They can track and track the entire process from the time they order for some merchandise. And in the end, they receive the notes in a comfortable way. There is a reduction of the bureaucracy common to sales systems.

The automation of orders with an EDI brings more practicality to all who live with the logistic systems and the challenges inherent to this sector. Does your company have a product automation interface? Tell us what you think about having this system through the comments. Join the conversation.

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