Order automation: optimize your company logistics

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The sales process is of great importance for any company, involving a series of procedures that range from customer service to product distribution logistics.

Failure in one of these steps can compromise the entire sale and even lead to the loss of the buyer. Therefore, the automation of customer orders is a mechanism that can facilitate this chain and make work more efficient and agile.

In addition, to talk even more about the benefits you can have with this automation, we have listed, in this article, some information that can be extremely favorable for your internal practices. Follow the post and know the importance of automating the orders of your company’s customers!

Order automation

The automation tool consists of establishing an interface capable of processing all customer orders received by the company, as well as managing the exits. In addition, it improves inventory control, reduces the time employees spend on daily sales routines and reduces the chances of errors involving the exchange and return of goods.

In other words, this system makes the relationship between the company, employees, suppliers and customers efficient. Not to mention the contribution that order automation brings to cost reduction.

After all, the processing of goods orders is faster and increases business productivity, in addition to reducing errors, making the company spend less in this sector. Such efficiency also guarantees increased sales and customer satisfaction.

Order automation between companies

If internal request control is already a challenge for companies, imagine when the logistics system depends on integration with other companies. The broader the processes, the more complicated they become. Therefore, technologies have been developed to facilitate this work and minimize errors, leading to increased productivity and reduced costs related to logistics.

Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) is an integration system between companies that establishes a mechanism for exchanging information and data electronically, that is, with less human intervention during the process. In this case, the chances of human errors are minimized, as nothing is entered manually. At first, we can say that data are not entered in an erroneous way or information entered incorrectly.

The reasons for automating customer orders

In general, we can say that automation is a modern and efficient option to make the business routine more dynamic. Thus, these tools are largely responsible for the execution of activities. Order automation gathers important information in the same environment, facilitating analysis and sales processes. In addition, technology is a competitive differential in the market, which makes your company have a better reputation before the competition.

The main ways to apply automation are through order fulfillment and billing, purchasing management, inventory control, price setting and financial control in general. Intervening in these areas, in addition to allowing resources to be used efficiently, makes the processes simpler to be performed.

The various benefits that automation brings to the company

It is possible to identify many advantages when implementing automation in your business. Check out some of them below!

  • Increased productivity

When using this solution, data is released more quickly due to the automation of the system. This, in addition to generating savings in resources, such as labor and paper, gives the company more time to work on aspects of greater relevance, thereby increasing employee productivity.

  • More agility

Business agility is also caused by the transmission of routine information, such as invoices, invoices, shipping and receiving notifications and, of course, order dispatch. This agility in the exchange of data brings benefits for not only the companies involved in the process, but also for the customers, who now have a higher level of information in relation to their orders.

They can track and follow the entire process from the moment they place an order for some merchandise. Moreover, at the end, they receive the notes comfortably. There is a reduction in the bureaucracy, common to sales systems.

  • Greater customer satisfaction

One of the advantages of having a tool capable of automating the procedures of the commercial sector is that it collects all information from customers, showing which strategies should be used, as well as which products are most relevant to a specific audience. Thus, when investing in these systems, the sales process becomes more agile, increasing the efficiency of service and, consequently, customer satisfaction.

  • Greater cost savings

The use of techniques that do not require the manual execution of tasks, which allows for increased productivity, considerably reduces company costs. This is because automation provides better control over activities, prevents errors and rework and increases levels of quality and safety for the customer. In addition, by automating processes, it is possible to work with a smaller team, thereby reducing staff costs.

The best tool to automate customer orders

It is evident that order automation with an EDI brings more convenience to everyone who lives with the logistics systems and the challenges inherent in this sector. However, given so many options in the competitive market, how to choose the best tool for order automation?

The ideal is to look for a system that meets the needs of your business and has specific features. In other words, a system that is modern, dynamic, versatile and has a highly qualified team. In this case, we can highlight Orbit Logistics – a company that provides management solutions, which helps entrepreneurs in the process of automating customer orders.

The differentials of Orbit Logistics

After knowing the main characteristics of the order automation process and the importance of optimizing the company’s logistics, the time has come to know our differential in the market, which makes us one of the main international suppliers of management solutions.

These services include:

  • measurement and capture of packaged, bulk and liquid products;
  • online viewing of your inventory in real time;
  • notifications via Orbit Cloud;
  • implementation of Electronic Order Management in customer and / or supplier systems.

All the solutions presented are tools for a better business, with innovative technology and different features from the competition. By providing professional consulting services, the company ensures that the solutions implemented are adjusted to work in the most efficient way possible.

If your company still does not use a system for the automation of customer orders, how about getting to know our services? Contact Orbit Logistics now to find out how we can help you improve the results of your business.

ORBIT Logistics is one of the world’s leading suppliers of inventory management solutions (VMI – Vendor Managed Inventory and SCM – Supply Chain Management) and real-time data acquisition.

Our company, founded in 2003, provides a modular system for supply chain management and automation, serving global customers from offices in Leverkusen (Germany), Atlanta (USA), São Paulo (Brazil) and Shanghai (China). A highly qualified team, composed of more than 40 engineers and technicians, offers customized “turn key” solutions for process management and monitoring.


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