Learn 4 tips for making and maintaining rapport in customer service

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Good relationship with the customer is one of the fundamental points for the success of a company. They consume the products or services offered by a certain institution and directly influence the profit margin. Therefore, rapport in customer service is a fundamental strategy.

Rapport is an expression of French origin that has no translation in Portuguese. However, it represents a good care of the employees of the company to consumers or potential customers. This technique makes the relationship friendlier and demonstrates the institution’s commitment to its clientele.

Are you interested in learning more about rapport in customer service and how to implement it in your company? So, we will introduce 4 tips to you. Check them out!

What is rapport in customer service?

Rapport, as we mentioned, is a technique to be employed by companies and is to create an atmosphere of trust with the customer, making him more comfortable during a conversation or a call so that he explains his needs about products or his complaints, without imposing or forcing anything.

Who has never received those connections with a computerized voice offering products or services of a company? Of course, most consumers do not even listen to this message until the end. Moreover, this causes distrust and shows lack of commitment of the institution with its customers.

The rapport in customer service, on the other hand, reveals a differentiated attention for each customer. He feels well treated and welcomed by the employee, being more comfortable talking about opinions and needs.

The main contribution is that the customer is more interested in the offered items. He may even begin to consider acquiring services that he did not even come to seek, thanks to the suggestion of a person who treated him so pleasantly.

How should rapport in customer service be done in 4 tips?

1. Use language that the customer understands

To put the customer on your side, empower your employees to use a language they understand. This should be done naturally, without “forcing the bar”. From the most humble customer to the one with the highest purchasing power should be treated well and equally.

2. Have a friendly posture

The clerk should always befriend the customer. Any type of problem should be forgotten, and when it comes to meeting the customer, the willingness to help him with a smile on his face should be demonstrated. This raises consumer confidence and it feels far less tense to buy.

3. Learn to listen

Another tactic that should be employed in rapport in customer service is to know how to listen to it. The employee must not only listen to the needs or complaints of the consumer, but also absorb them and demonstrate ways to help, always in a cordial and attentive manner. You quickly gain the respect and security of the person being served.

4. Treat the customer by name

Have you noticed how the relationship between two people changes if they are treated by name? Customer service is no different. Then, before starting to answer, the employee should ask the customer’s name. This builds empathy and elevates trust and credibility in service.

What benefits can this technique bring to the company?

We realize that rapport in customer service is a very smart strategy that can bring many positive results to the company. Among them, we can highlight:

. Better conversion into sales;
. Increased customer satisfaction;
. Indication by satisfied customers to new consumers etc.

The rapport in customer service generates a very beneficial approach between the parts of a consumer relationship. This is the key to this success and positive results. Try to implement these tips in your company, you will surely succeed and your profits will be enhanced.

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