Consumer 4.0 and the shopping experience

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Digital transformations have brought new shopping habits that today shape the behavior of what we call consumer 4.0.

Understanding who this customer is essential before any investment to adapt to the market and offer all the facilities they are looking for.

In this text we will explain who the 4.0 consumer is and what to do to improve their shopping experience.

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The Consumer Evolution

The consumer, who is the main target of each company, has not always been the center of attention of organizations.

Before, the concerns of the companies were the product and the production; as competition increased, consumers had options. This is where marketing received the most attention.

With the arrival of the internet and cell phones in the 90s, consumers began to receive much more information and exchanges of experiences. And the demand for more personalized products has grown.

As of 2010, Industry 4.0 technologies have brought more changes in the way of consuming and as a result of selling.

From this phenomenon, Consumer 4.0 emerged, which was already looking for a more individual experience, but is now well connected to the networks and seeks purchase facilities and agility.

Who is a 4.0 Consumer?

If you’ve seen an ad on a social network, compared product prices on websites, made a purchase online, chose to pick up in store and posted in stories how much you liked the product… Congratulations, you’re a 4.0 consumer!

Consumer 4.0 has the following characteristics:

  • High familiarity with the digital environment;
  • Global origin (diversity);
  • Attention to sustainable actions;
  • Freedom in the shopping experience;
  • Increase your earnings;
  • Agility.

To meet these new habits, companies need to adopt flexible measures and invest in ways to facilitate purchasing and delivery processes.

How can we offer a better shopping experience for the 4.0 consumer?

It has already become clear that the 4.0 consumer expects to have as much freedom, advantage and speed as possible when purchasing a service or product.

And to make this process the most satisfying, companies should explore the following strategies:

  • Be present in digital channels where the target audience of interest is, and respond to them in the same channel in which they communicate;
  • Always seek improvement in the agility of responses and deliveries of what your customer wants and needs;
  • Gain authority and maintain customer trust;
  • Constantly generate value in products and services, focusing on the public’s needs;
  • Invest in technologies that make it easier to get to know the 4.0 consumer, serve them by exceeding their expectations and guarantee their safety in the digital world.

Digital solutions are increasingly accessible to companies so that they can adapt as much as possible to new consumption habits.

Continuous learning is of great value to businesses that want to go beyond consumer 4.0 and anticipate the transition to consumer 5.0.

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