How delivery tracking can improve customer relationships

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A simple way to take your distribution management to the next level is to use delivery tracking, a solution that is much appreciated by customers.

Because some of the best advantages that technology and e-commerce offer consumers are convenience and control, things that screening provides.

Although it seems simple, in this text you will see that the tracking of deliveries makes a lot of difference for your customer.

You will see what benefits the tracking of goods provides and how this solution improves the relationship with your customer. So it’s worth the reading!

What benefits does delivery tracking provide?

If you still do not know what delivery tracking is and how it works, I suggest you read this very complete article that we made about it.

But just to give you an idea, it is a solution that provides information about an order placed by the customer from its purchase to its arrival at the final destination.

The customer can follow this entire process from home, by email, through the purchase website or by SMS.

This solution is advantageous for both sides, companies and consumers.

For customers some of the benefits are:

  • Control of delivery information;
  • Helps the customer to program himself to receive the order;
  • Products delivered quickly;
  • Convenience;
  • Best shopping experience.

On the other hand, the benefits for companies are:

  • Fewer re-deliveries;
  • Reduction of complaints in the Customer’s Service;
  • Savings with the efficiency of logistics management;
  • Increased team productivity;
  • Visibility of order processes;
  • Increased trust in the brand.

Now that you know all the benefits, understand in the next topic how this solution brings you even closer to your customers.

How does delivery tracking improve customer relationships?

The benefits you saw above are directly related to how the tracking of deliveries improves the relationship between companies and their customers.

Implementing this solution can generate a connection with lasting results between your clientele and your brand, and all this is just because there was a concern to offer a better shopping experience.

For users, even if it is a simple solution, it is something that generates security and trust and demonstrates professionalism in the services.

And this idea is reinforced when companies are able to anticipate problems that may happen along the way, such as:

  • Thefts;
  • Misplacement;
  • Product damage;
  • Incorrect address.

When one of the above situations is found by the company through screening, it can contact the customer and let them know that it is taking the necessary measures.

This generate a sense of relief in the consumer, doesn’t it?

Delivery tracking, in addition to keeping customers calm with their orders, also facilitates return processes and the well-known reverse logistics.

All these things give the customer a guarantee of quality during all purchase procedures, making them much more satisfied and willing to buy again.

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