How can Orbit Logistics’ technological solutions help your company?

by | 09/03/2022

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The world has moved towards an era of more global, agile, exponential and at the same time personalized business, thanks to technological solutions.

However, achieving these results is only possible with a good integration of these technologies that allow fluid interaction between companies and customers.

Orbit Logistics specializes in this subject and today we are going to talk about how our technological solutions can help your business achieve great results.

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Integration and technological solutions from Orbit Logistics

It is by integrating technological solutions that we can significantly improve the customer experience.

That is the reason why we bet on technologies that connect all Supply Chain operations, and even companies with their suppliers and customers.

This is the only way to promote transparency in management, trust in consumers, assertive decisions based on accurate data by saving time and money.

What technological solutions does Orbit Logistics offer?

Our technological solutions include services ranging from customer order automation and inventory management, with end-to-end product tracking.

Let’s talk a little about our main services. Check them out below!

Order to Cash Automation

Order to Cash is the cycle that aggregates the purchase order to the final delivery.

To facilitate this process, Orbit Logistics automates customer orders, which makes it more personalized while allowing for scaled service.

Some benefits of this service are:

. Facilitate customer interaction with the company;

. Receipt of orders in different formats (e-mail, EDI, VMI, among others.);

. Faster order processing;

. Customer visibility in the purchase process.

Ease with Email Order

It is about automating customer orders via email.

Suppliers are able to receive orders directly through the ERP system in different formats, such as PDF, DOC and XLS.

With the email order, customers can count on the following benefits:

. More efficient and accurate transactions;

. Updated client throughout the process;

. Reduction in time and errors in order processing.

Visibility with VMI

Did you know that Orbit Logistics is one of the main international providers of technological solutions such as VMI?

That’s right, with this solution our customers can manage their stocks in order to strengthen their relationships with their customers. Would you like to know how?

The VMI (Vendor Manager Inventory) sends directly to the supplier’s ERP system the ideal time for product replacement, based on customer inventory and consumption data in the Orbit portal.

Among the benefits of this solution, we can find the following below:

. Inventory visibility and customer consumption;

. Inventory balance;

. Agility in responding to demands;

. Cost reduction.

Regardless of your company’s industry, size or model, you can reach another level of innovation and scale by optimizing simple processes through our services.

Orbit Logistics also has other technological solutions that you can check out here, all capable of leveraging your business.

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