Check out 5 tips on how to reduce losses in cargo transportation

by | 20/01/2021

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When we talk about losses in cargo transportation, the matter is really worrying, as it involves financial and human losses and the company’s reputation.

Fortunately, it is possible to reduce these damages using some strategies in your logistical planning.

To overcome these obstacles, read this text to understand the challenges in cargo transportation and the 5 tips to reduce these losses!

What are the reasons for losses in cargo transportation?

We must admit that the Brazilian scenario for cargo transportation is not very encouraging.

Road robberies are recurrent and the damage caused by accidents is 12 times greater than that caused by cargo theft.

And usually accident losses generate additional costs, such as trucks stopped and employees on leave.

Other errors related to losses in cargo transportation are those of logistical planning, which result in lower profitability and customer dissatisfaction.

Check out 5 tips to reduce losses in cargo transportation

We have listed some tips that can help your company turn problems with losses in cargo transportation into opportunities.

Check them out!

1 – Control inventory efficiently

Avoid excess inventory, risk of accidents and delivery delays by having efficient inventory control, with all available items cataloged and updated.

Transport management steps, goods checking and shipping and routing can be better planned and optimized with this available data.

2 – Empower and encourage your team

A well-trained team is expected to have more productivity, autonomy when solving problems, agility in tasks and efficiency in each execution.

Encourage good practices in your team.

How to fulfill the function efficiently and productively, ensuring the handling of loads and good use of vehicles and equipment.

3 – Use appropriate packaging

The packaging must protect the product in its handling and transport and provide agility in loading and facilitate storage.

In addition to cargo conservation, worrying about how your packaged product will reach its final destination demonstrates to the customer that the company cares about it.

4 – Review the distribution processes

Review each step in the distribution process to identify where failures occur and where improvement is possible.

The goal is to make the processes more agile and practical to avoid losses and speed up delivery times.

Study whether it is no longer feasible to outsource or adopt any technology that makes the job easier.

5 – Invest in technology

Some of the digital solutions in this area are routing, cargo monitoring, telemetry, TMS, business intelligence and machine learning.

These systems have already brought positive results, such as reducing costs, monitoring loads in real time and optimizing spaces and vehicles, among others.

The tips we have separated here aim to make your company stand out in the market for efficiency and quality in delivery.

Investing in strategic actions to reduce losses in cargo transportation is a means of gaining differential and visibility vis-à-vis your competitors.

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