Are you having a dissatisfied customer problem? Find out how to solve it!

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Regardless of the industry, companies often face situations that involve criticism or complaints from customers. Whether due to a delay in delivery, either by sending a product different from the chosen one or even by an undue charge. The customer’s problem needs to be solved.

To keep you loyal to those who trust your products and services, we have prepared this post with six fundamental tips when dealing with this type of demand. Check them out!

Know the most common reasons for the customer’s problem

In the face of increasingly specific requirements on the part of consumers, many physical or online stores face different dissatisfactions, which may be due to poor service or even the fact that the customer does not find what they are looking for at the time of purchase.

We can also mention the delay in deliveries, disorganization of the website or physical store, salespeople forcing the purchase, long lines, undue charges or even the sending of a different product than the one purchased.

With an eye on your success, check out the six tips we have prepared with a focus on reversing the dissatisfied customer.

1. Listening to what the customer has to say

The first tip is paramount in the relationship with the customer. Upon hearing the customer, your company will certainly understand what generated the dissatisfaction, knowing if it was an internal error or even referring to some behavior of the consumer himself.

Therefore, it is very important to pay attention to the customer, always being ready to turn the situation around.

2. Showing willingness

The rapid resolution of a claim demands goodwill on the part of the company. That is because you need to go after the solution in a quick period.

In this way, train your employees to have good will when listening and acting, always with a focus on customer satisfaction.

3. Apologizing

Acknowledging the mistake and apologizing is a praiseworthy act highly valued by customers.

After completing all the steps to find the solution, apologize and be ready to always act differently.

4. Finding a solution

Regardless of the dissatisfaction, it is essential that your business go after the solution. For that, keep calm and always count on professionals prepared to perform a good service.

Often, throughout the conversation, it is possible to reach a consensus that is pleasant for both parties, strengthening the relationship. In fact, it is always valid to reward the customer, with either a gift or a bonus.

5. Thanking the complaint

In order to constantly improve the services of your company, thank them for the complaint and tell the customer that the problem will not be repeated, acting to make it really happen.

Thus, a certain dissatisfaction can influence several improvements, contributing to your business.

6. Creating channels for dialogue

In order to provide a fast and effective service all the time, nothing better than having channels for dialogue that are in line with the reality of customers.

Therefore, you must have a chat within your company website, email addresses, a 0800 number, and messages by communication application, among others.

In this way, the customer’s problem will always be solved more quickly.

After solving a customer dissatisfaction demand, the tip is to always enable the team so that the problem does not recur, improving the processes always keeping an eye on the good experience of those who buy with you.

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