6 habilidades de todo gerente de compras deve ter 6 habilidades de todo gerente de compras deve ter

6 skills that every purchasing manager must have

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The purchasing professional has an important stake within the company, since it is his responsibility to close favorable purchases for the company and in his hands is the possibility of reducing the acquisition costs.

But do you know the key skills that are essential to a good purchasing manager? Get to know them all in our article today!!


The 6 skills a good purchasing manager must have

1) Organization

The first necessary competence of the good purchasing manager is the organization. This professional needs planning to be able to delegate tasks, keep the company’s documentation in order, create a productive work routine and be able to follow up with its partners.

Without organization, no professional is able to complete their tasks with satisfaction; therefore, this item is the first skill that the purchasing manager must conquer.


2) Good relationship

The famous item “to know how to work in a team” today is a requirement made to every type of professional. For the purchasing manager, this skill is even more necessary, because his area has interface with several other areas of the corporation: finance, product quality, engineering, etc. The purchasing professional often needs the support of the team from the other areas of the company, and this makes it essential that he knows how to dialogue with everyone around him.

Again, the ability to organize proves its necessity: when the rest of the team needs the help of the manager, he needs to be organized enough to be able to help the other team members.


3) Knowledge of company strategies


In order to be able to properly perform its function, the purchasing manager needs to be thoroughly familiar with the strategies of the company for which he works, and can align his trading methods to achieve corporate goals. For example, the purchasing professional cannot negotiate a lower price for the purchase of a large batch of products if the company’s objective is to renew inventories to generate space for new production lines. Therefore, knowing the goals of the company is necessary to make the best decisions.


4) Trading

Negotiating is necessary at all times in the purchasing profession. The good purchasing manager is the one who is prepared to negotiate with confidence and with knowledge about suppliers, competition and company’s trading objectives.


5) Constant updating

The purchasing professional must constantly update himself on what happens in the market in which his company is inserted and also on what happens outside of him. For this, it is interesting that he participates in fairs and events, working as a kind of bridge between the corporation and the external market and thus bringing the news into the work environment.


6) Ethics

The respectable purchasing manager should always maintain ethics in the dealings. To do so, it is your duty to inform clearly and objectively the stages of your quotation process, your expectations regarding suppliers, give feedback to companies and keep the rules predetermined during the negotiation process.

Now you know the essential skills that every purchasing manager must have to excel in his profession and become a benchmark in trading efficiency and ethics! To stay within our updates and receive more useful tips and news, check our Facebook page.



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