Integrated Logistics: the key to competitive advantage

The current context in the world of finance and business defines that every company must maintain a competitive advantage over others. And this is because competition grows, technology applied to commerce develops in rapid steps, the consumer public tends to be more enlightened and demanding, and economic crises are more frequent. One of the best

Is it worth taking a logistics course?

The logistics area has grown increasingly and become essential for enterprise expansion and market share. However, even with the importance of logistics professionals, the market is still scarce for qualified people. The logistics sector has several areas of activity, such as warehouse, warehouse management, fleet and others, and also has different training courses. Interested in

5 benefits of coding materials and having an efficient stock

For the manager, it is important to make the most of all possible strategies to optimize its management, especially the measures related to inventory control. One of these strategies is material coding. Encoding is a feature used thousands of years ago to facilitate communication between people and the identification of items. See some benefits of

Understand how the OTC system (Order to Cash) works

A well-defined and efficiently structured logistics process is a key part of ensuring the operational efficiency of a company’s operations. There are some tools that, if well used, ensure faster agility in the manufacturing and delivery process, as well as provide an improvement in the final price, making your product or service more competitive. And

Discover the advantages of implementing a P2P system (Procure to Pay)

Long gone are the days when everything inside a company was solved only with blocks of notes and some phone calls. The need for agility in the processes and viability of a business through cost reduction demands that new practices, processes and increasingly effective methods appear from time to time. In the branch of companies