5 logistical challenges faced by companies

Logistics is the area of operational management responsible for activities such as receiving, stocking, shipping and distribution. However, it also has complex management, which aims to put into practice some business strategies – such as obtaining competitive advantage, cost reduction, waste reduction, quality, among others. Today’s article will talk about the main logistical challenges that

What is Industry 4.0 and how will it impact the market?

Also known as advanced manufacturing, Industry 4.0 is the last stage of the industrial revolution – and it is still in its beginning. But, after all, what is Industry 4.0? The concept refers to the combination of the main technological innovations in the areas of information, control and automation, which apply to manufacturing processes. From

What are the benefits of digital transformation in the supply chain?

The supply chain is understood as the process of moving goods through a set of geographically distinct facilities and operations that interact with each other. For example, the cycle that involves the time the raw material is acquired from suppliers, through the stages of production, to the distribution procedures for customers can be considered a

Integrated Logistics: the key to competitive advantage

The current context in the world of finance and business defines that every company must maintain a competitive advantage over others. And this is because competition grows, technology applied to commerce develops in rapid steps, the consumer public tends to be more enlightened and demanding, and economic crises are more frequent. One of the best