What Sustainable Logistics is and its importance for companies?

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Logistics is one of the main areas for the good functioning of companies of all sizes. However, it is also an area that can generate several aggressions to the environment. So today we are going to talk about sustainable logistics.

It is likely that nowadays everyone knows that the concern about the environment and global warming are increasing. With this in mind, several companies are seeking to adopt measures to reduce the environmental impact in all sectors of production.

And that is where the idea of logistics with less environmental impacts comes in. Next, we will talk about what impact these changes can have on companies. Follow us.

What is sustainable logistics?

Sustainable logistics can be defined as a series of measures to be adopted in order to reduce the environmental impact caused by the logistics sector. Companies are increasingly aligned with environmental preservation, seeking to get as close to sustainability as possible.


Reducing the use of paper is an example of how companies are already looking for new ways to include social responsibility in their agendas. Sustainable logistics is another way used by companies to continue collaborating with environmental preservation.

The logistical processes can generate various wastes, in addition to using transport emitting CO² in large quantities. Sustainable logistics seeks ways to reduce these impacts, adding new ways of working that take this objective into account.

How is it possible to implement sustainable logistics?

Before we move on to what measures can be taken to implement sustainable logistics, see what the main objectives of this change are:

  • CO² emission reduction
  • Use of resources used
  • Proper disposal of waste
  • Optimization of transport routes

From these objectives it is possible to implement changes in the logistics processes, such as:

  • Investing in more economical and less polluting cars
  • Use maximum storage potential in deliveries
  • Keep vehicles up to date
  • Reuse packaging and invest in waste recycling
  • Promote environmental awareness among employees
  • Betting on clean technologies throughout the logistics process

The above ideas are all aligned with sustainable logistics. The implementation of each one requires commitment from the whole team and must happen in a planned way. There may be a transition between the current logistics mode and sustainable logistics.


Benefits of using sustainable logistics

Companies that are in compliance with environmental protection are ahead in the competitive market. In addition to contributing to the future of the next generations, modifying some corporate standards for sustainable models can leverage actions and sales.

A company that adopts measures of commitment to the environmental cause, such as the use of sustainable logistics, is making its concern for a better world explicit.

In addition, adopting changes in logistics can improve the efficiency of the processes involved and lead to cost reduction, agility in the delivery system and customer loyalty.

Changes that transform

You just checked out what is and how important sustainable logistics is for companies. This change in business operations will certainly be welcomed in many ways. Customers and employees will be pleased to be part of a team concerned with the future of generations.

In addition, adopting measures aimed at reducing environmental impact shows that companies are concerned not only with the future, but with our present as well.

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