Conheça os 6 principais tipos de sistemas de armazenagem Conheça os 6 principais tipos de sistemas de armazenagem

Get to know the 6 main types of storage systems

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If you are responsible for a company’s storage systems, you know how hard this task is. You need to be constantly in touch with production and inventory, as there is no need to produce what you already have, but you cannot miss products either. Managing a stock can become hard work. So in this post we will present the 6 main types of storage systems to help you organize and facilitate your work. Let’s meet each one of them, shall we?


1 – Racks

Racks, also known as pallet-racks, are used to organize the production of companies. The use of racks makes it possible to take advantage of the height available in the building, in the shed or in other company premises. It is important to know that you can stack them and carry the products without transferring weight to the goods through hoisting and transporting equipment. There are different types of racks. Just choose the one that is right for the company you work with and the product you are stocking.


2 – WMS Storage System

WMS in English stands for Warehouse Management System. In Portuguese, it is known as WMS Storage System or Storage Management System. WMS is managed by software that allows you to manage and track all the processes of moving the products in stock. It is the type of procedure that allows optimizing spaces not used in the inventory sector.


3 – Shelves

There are two models of shelves: light and cantilever. The first, as the name suggests, is used to store loads marked as low and less used. The capacity divided by lightweight storage shelf alternates between 50 and 300 kilos.

Because the shelves are produced depending on the load and dimensions to be used, procedures may eventually occur that help to reinforce the equipment so that there is a gradual increase in the capacity of each shelf.

Cantilever models are the ideal solution when you need to store large loads with high weights such as bars, metal profiles, pipes and wooden boards. Cantilever racks are large and sturdy.


4 – Conventional Pallet Holders

It is the most well known storage structure on the market. Heavy and static, the pallets are stored individually by forklifts that move in the corridors. In large part, it is used for loads already inserted in pallets. However, they also serve varied items such as coils, plates and buckets.


5 – Storage silos

The function of the storage silo is to allow the product to be stored without deterioration. Therefore, the company does not need to market the entire product immediately, since the duration is conserved.


6 – Storage Tanks

The tank is similar to a reservoir, that is, a container for storing fluids. There can be varied dimensions and it can be built up, according to the characteristics of the product to be stored.

In this post you have learned the 6 main types of storage system. Now it’s time to look at which ones are right for the company you work with. Have you got any questions? Comment here in the post, we will help you solve it. See you next time!!


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